Scientific research is central to a university’s mission. Excellent research is the foundation for excellent teaching and sets the stage for a university to attract and train young scientists.

Just like at other universities, research at the Universität der Bundeswehr München is open and independent. One of the smaller universities in the Munich area, we have decided to promote our interdisciplinary research projects in order to enhance our profil. We hope to significantly increase both scientific expertise at the university and the visibility of the work we are conducting among the wider public.

As a campus-style university with excellent facilities, the university provides an ideal environment for fruitful research activities. Unibw M is unique in Germany in that it offers both University degree programs as well as degree programs at the "University of Applied Sciences" - with equal academic standards. As a result, it offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for scientific work and cooperation, ranging from basic research to application-related research and development projects. This interdisciplinary, interdepartmental team-work is the basis of efficient, competitive and prestigious work and teaching.

Research Centers

It is of crucial importance for the furher development of a university to promote its research reputation. UniBw M has established four Research Centers - CODE, MIRA, MOVE and RISK - in order to focus on its unique research expertise. The Research Centers join existing cooperation programs within the university and serve as central points of contact for researchers from inside the university and outside. Their common goal is to make the strengths of the university visible and to promote young scientists and user consultancy as well as establishing and extending external research cooperation programs.

C O D E - Cyber Defence

M I R A - Munich Integrated research on Aerospace

M O V E - Modern Vehicles

R I S K - Risk, Infrastructure, Safety and Conflict       

You are welcome to conduct research in one of our many technical laboratories on campus to gain practical experience through a traineeship/internship. Usually our technical departments ask for a commitment of at least two months. Furthermore, it is possible to write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis or to persue a Ph.D. under the supervision of one of our professors.

Download our brochures Research Spotlight Edition 01 and Research Spotlights Edition 02 featuring current projects from the University as well from the "University of Applied Sciences".