Why become a buddy for international students?        

  • Create new friendships with students from all over the world
  • Gain in depth understanding of foreign cultures
  • Take full advantage of the possibility to put your foreign language skills to good use
  • Achieve intercultural comptetence, upgrade your personal skills profile
  • Organize excursions and events in a team of fellow buddies for our international guest students
  • Explore Munich City and surroundings together with young people from all over the world and the fellow buddies of the team
  • Interculturally prepare for your own experience abroad be it for studies, for an internship or a summer program abroad
  • Obtain a training certificate worth 2 ECTS credits from our Central Institute of Accompanying Studies studium plus
  • Obtain a certificate from the International Office to testify your activities and personal skills


  • Active participation in the intercultural workshop held in October of every year
  • Engagement for one academic year (lecture-free periods are exempt)

By your active engagement and by investing your time, skills and personality you make a significat contribution to the integration of international young people into our university!