Individual PublicationsINFOSECUR_kl

William A. Barletta

Cyberwar or Cyber-terrorism: The attack on Estonia
(Barletta, paper 2007)

The Evolving Face of Cyber-conflict and Information Warfare
(Barletta, paper 2006)

Olivia Bosch

International Monitoring Mechanisms for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
(Bosch, draft paper 2002)

Vladimir Britkov

Safety as a Result of of Information Provoding
(Britkov, paper 2005)

Dmitry Chereshkin

New Security Challenges in the Information Age
(Chereshkin, paper 2005)

Ahmad Kamal

New Forms of Confrontation: Cyber Terrorism and Cyber-crime
(Kamal, paper 2002)

Andreï Kroutskikh

International Information Security and Negotiations
(Kroutskikh, paper 2003)

Axel Lehmann

Heightening Public Awareness and Education on Information Security
(Lehmann, draft paper 2002)

Alexander Ntoko

Quantum computing and quantum cryptography in a rapidly evolving environment of blockchain technology
(Ntoko, report 2019)

Vitali Tsygichko

Cyber Weapons as a New Means of Combat
(Tsygichko, paper 2002)

Henning Wegener

Science and Good Governance
(Wegener, paper 2014)

La "ciberguerra" se puede evitar
(Wegener, Politica Exterior, article 2012)

Wer stoppt die Cyberkrieger?
(Wegener, article 2010)

Invisible Enemies
(Wegener, article 2009)

Zu den neuen Gefahrenlagen im digitalen Raum
(Wegener, article 2009)

Harnessing the Perils in Cyberspace: Who is in Charge?
(Wegener, article 2008)

Guidelines for National Criminal Codes on Cybercrime in the Field of Information Security and their Application throughout the International Community
(Wegener, draft paper 2003)

La guerra cibernetica
(Wegener, article 2001)

Jody R. Westby

Homeland Security v. Homeland Defense: Gaps Galore
(Westby, paper 2007)

Consequence Management of Acts of Disruption
(Westby & Barletta, paper 2002)