Tarik Sahin M.Sc.

Professur für Computergestützte Simulation im Bauingenieurwesen
Gebäude 41/100, Zimmer 5125
+49 89 6004-3788

Tarik Sahin M.Sc.

Academic Career

since 02/2021 Research and Teaching Associate, Institute for Mathematics and Computer-Based Simulation, University of the Bundeswehr Munich

Master of Science,  Computational Engineering,

Master's thesis: Tetrahedral Mesh Refinement, a collaboration of MTU Aero Engines and the Institute of Structural Mechanics Ruhr University Bochum


Graduate Research Assistant, Institute of Lightweight, Steel and Composite Structures, Ruhr University Bochum


Graduate Research Assistant, Institute of Structural Mechanics, Ruhr University Bochum


Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering, Middle East Technical University

Bachelor's thesis: Design, Analysis, and Production of a Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft (VTOL)

Research Focus

  • Hybrid Digital Twins
  • Combination of classical simulation methods with Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Data-driven simulations)
  • Physics-Informed Neural Networks


  • Numerical Methods and Solvers


Courses & Exercises

Supervised Student Projects / Theses

  • Simulationsgestützte Machine Learning-Ansätze zur Vorhersage der maximalen Durchbiegung eines Trägers