Welcome to the website of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Department of Mechanical Engineering stands for state-of-the-art, high-quality interdisciplinary engineer training and applied research. Three bachelor's programs and one master's program prepare students perfectly for the demands of their future professions. With a ratio of approx. 15 students per professor and 18 laboratories, our department offers the best conditions for studying and an opportunity to take up interesting topics from lectures and many and varied research activities offered and go into them in depth in internships and theses. The department cooperates with many partners from industry and the Bundeswehr both in research and teaching. Our pages, in German, give you a detailed insight into our institutes and the programs we offer.

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The Department’s Institutes

Many and Varied Perspectives of Applied Sciences

• Design and Production Engineering
• Weapons Technology and Materials Science
• Automotive Engineering and Mechanics
• Aerodynamics and Flight Simulation
• Energy Engineering and Drive Engineering
• Chemical and Environmental Engineering
• Aeronautical Engineering

The Department Administration and Map

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                                     Email: dekanatmb@unibw.de

Building 83: Dean's Office Building 83: Dean's Office


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