Welcome to the Department of Human Sciences. Here you will find an overview of the institutes of our department and useful information. Our pages, in German, give you a detailed insight into the department, the dean’s office, committees and examination board meetings, deadlines, the programs offered and the department staff.

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The Department’s Institutes

The Department of Human Sciences comprises the following three institutes. You will find details on the institutes, current projects and further information about professorships and lectures on the institute's websites.

• Institute of Educational Sciences
• Institute of Psychology
• Institute of Sport Science

The Department Administration and Map

                       Dean's Office

                                     Petra Bodenschatz
                                     Telefon: +49 89 6004-3101
                                     Email: dekanat.hum@unibw.de

Dean Vice Dean Dean of Studies Dean Vice Dean Dean of Studies


  • 1: Dean
  • 2: Vice Dean
  • 3: Dean of Studies