Diversity and Interdisciplinarity

Welcome to the website of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Electrical engineering, electronics and information technology are permeating our society and changing it at a speed and to a degree that are far exceeding all forecasts. Modern systems are becoming increasingly small, intelligent and powerful and influencing all fields of engineering and technology. Our department provides teaching in the design and programming of complex intelligent systems intended for use in communication technology and computer engineering. Due to this sound state-of-the-art education, our graduates are experts who are sought after by the business world, public authorities and the armed forces.

Excellently equipped laboratories provide excellent conditions for study and applied research. Internships and lectures are conducted in small, manageable groups - we prefer a culture of personal contact between teaching staff and students to anonymous mass lectures and seminars. All the professors in the department enjoy a superb scientific reputation, having gained many years of experience in the private sector.

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The Department’s Institutes

Many and Varied Perspectives of Applied Sciences

The department is organized in 6 institutes. 16 professors are responsible for research and teaching in the Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, the Fundamentals of Computer Science, Power Electronic Systems, Metrology, Automation Engineering, Circuit Technology, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Data Networks, IT Security, Software Engineering, Software Systems, Communications Engineering, Embedded Systems, Robotics and Digital Circuits. The department comprises of the following six institutes:

• Physics, Electrical Engineering and Automation Engineering
• Distributed Intelligent Systems
• ommunications Engineering and Data Transmission Technology
• Embedded Systems
• High-Frequency Engineering and Communications Engineering
• Software Engineering

The Department Administration and Map

Dean: 41/100, Room 5132 | Vice Dean: 41/100, Room 5131 Dean's Office: 33, Room 2171 Dean: 41/100, Room 5132 | Vice Dean: 41/100, Room 5131 Dean's Office: 33, Room 2171


  • 1: Dean: 41/100, Room 5132 | Vice Dean: 41/100, Room 5131
  • 2: Dean's Office: 33, Room 2171