Welcome to the Department of Computer Science. Here you will find an overview of the institutes of our department and useful information. Our pages, in German, give you a detailed insight into our programs, professorships and research. Research is the core competence of every university beside that of training personnel how to work scientifically. It generates processes, techniques and fundamentals that drive the development of products that in turn have a decisive influence on people’s lives and the environment.

The department is a member of the German Faculty Association for Computer Science and 4ING – the amalgamation of the German Faculty Associations for Engineering and Computer Sciences.

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The Department’s Institutes

• Theoretical Computer Science, Mathematics and Operations Research
• Software Technology
• Computer Engineering
• Applied Computer Science
• Application Security
• System Security
• Data Security
• CODE Research Institute
• ITIS Affiliated Institute

The Department Administration and Map

Dean Dean's Office Dean Dean's Office


  • 1: Dean
  • 2: Dean's Office