Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Seiberl

has been Professor of Human Movement Science with a focus on Digitalization at the Department of Human Sciences since December 2023.

Wolfgang Seiberl researches and teaches in the field of human movement science and biomechanics. A graduate in sports science, he received his doctorate with distinction from the Technical University of Munich in 2011. In his postdoctoral phase that included research stays at the Human Performance Laboratory, University of Calgary, Prof. Seiberl focused on the neuromechanics of the human muscular system. In 2019, he completed his habilitation at the Technical University of Munich and obtained a teaching qualification in the field of sports science with a special focus on biomechanics and human movement science. From 2019, Wolfgang Seiberl was deputy professor for human movement science with a focus on digitalization at University of the Bundeswehr Munich, where he was now appointed full professor.

His research focus areas, some of which are funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), include basic research into the functional mechanisms of the muscle-tendon complex. Prof. Seiberl is also currently researching the possible applications of magnetic stimulation on the human body as part of the – Digitalization and Technology Research Center of the Bundeswehr.


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