Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roman Keppeler

has been Professor of Turbomachineries at the Department of Mechanical Engineering since April 2021.

Roman Keppeler studied mechanical engineering with a focus on numerical simulation and thermo-fluid dynamics. He obtained his PhD at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Institute of Thermodynamics in the field of modelling and simulation of combustion in gas turbines. While pursuing his doctorate, he also conducted calculations for heat transfer of gas turbine blades.

During his industrial career, Prof. Keppeler worked in the motorsports sector at KLK-Motorsport, performing computational strength and flow calculations. After switching to Siemens Corporate Technology he worked on the design, development and analysis of gas turbine components in the hot gas path. He also evaluated simulation methods and models to predict deposition in power generation plants. Finally he worked as project manager on the development of a micro gas turbine at Hirschvogel Gerg Innovationszentrum.

Prof. Keppeler’s research and teaching acitvities will cover turbomachinery as well as conservative and future methods for power supply. A special focus of his will be on combustion of hydrogen and prospective fuels as well as on the installation of a hydrogen laboratory.


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