Prof. Dr. Maximilian Moll

has held the endowed junior professorship for Operations Research – Prescriptive Analytics at the Department of Computer Science since Mai 2021.

Maximilian Moll’s scientific career has been tightly connected to the University of the Bundeswehr Munich for 15 years. In 2006, he attended his first lectures as part of the gifted program of the university. After finishing school in 2010, he studied mathematics at the University of Cambridge. He returned to the University of the Bundeswehr Munich in 2016 after graduating and obtained his PhD summa cum laude in 2018.

His research focuses on reinforcement learning, one of the three areas in machine learning. Here, his particular interest is on combinations with classical methods of operations research as well as application opportunities to prescriptive analytics. The latter pushes past predictive analytics, in the sense that it not only tries to predict the future, but tries to suggest optimal actions to be taken in the present.

Maximilian Moll leads the research group “Data-driven Aviation Management” at Munich Aerospace and is vice leader of the working group “Simulation and Optimization of Complex Systems” of the German Society for Operations Research. He received a award from the University of the Bundeswehr Munich for his dissertation.


Image: © Schmidbauer Photography

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