Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jane Jean Kiam

has been Junior Professor of Applied Artificial Intelligence for Dynamic Systems at the Institute of Flight Systems at the Department of Aerospace Engineering since January 2022.

Her research and teaching focus on the implementation of AI methods in the real world. To increase automation in solving complex problems in the real world, Prof. Kiam develops comprehensive, usable systems to support decision making. To do this, she combines methods from the field of human-automation interaction and from various AI fields, such as automated planning, sequential decision making, machine learning, and game theory.

Upon completing her Double Masters degree from the Technical University of Munich and Télécom Bretagne (now IMT Atlantique), Jane Jean Kiam pursued her doctorate at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich in AI-based mission planning for unmanned aerial vehicle and graduated with summa cum laude in 2019.

Jane Jean Kiam is currently involved in diverse research projects and topics in aviation as well as in civil security. Besides integrating AI-methods in the development of intelligent cockpit assistant for enhanced flight guidance in emergency situations, she is also working towards increasing automation of unmanned vehicles in rescue missions to strive for higher operational efficiency without increasing risks. She is also leading the AI-lab at the Institute of Flight Systems.

Jane Jean Kiam is also a reviewer for diverse IEEE and MDPI journals and a member of the program and organizing committees of diverse conferences/workshops.


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