Prof. Dr. Anne von Raven

has been Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Department of Business Administration since April 2023.

To live up to her enthusiasm for both mathematics and biology, Anne von Raven studied mathematical biology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). She spent her subsequent PhD on "Modeling quorum sensing evolutionary dynamics in spatially structured bacterial populations" partly in a microbiology lab in England, in addition to analytical and numerical calculations at her desk.

After her doctorate, Anne von Raven switched to software development in 2017. Here, too, use cases for medical research were her main concern. Over the years, she led various mathematical-technical projects, including digital pathology and smartphone-based medical diagnosis. Along the way, she taught mathematics at Rosenheim Technical University and supervised students at her company.

Prof. von Raven hopes to pass on her love of mathematics to students in her courses using modern teaching methods. Her wide-ranging experience in the practical application of mathematics helps her to make the subject more tangible for students.


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