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Presenting your own work at conferences, symposia and expert meetings is an important step in your scientific career. UniBw M provides the PhD travel fund as a tool to support both active participation in conferences and periods of active research at other institutions. There are two types of funding available: conference trips and research at other institutions.

In order to be eligible for financial support, periods of research at other institutions or trips to attend conferences must be directly related to the subject of your doctoral dissertation. The subject and content of the event/period of research at another institution must be closely connected to your own research-related work or plans.

Funding must advance the doctorate/habilitation and should be used only if no other support is available. Funding should primarily be provided by the institute or from the PhD supervisor’s budget – only where this is impossible should the PhD travel fund be used.

Trips to attend a conference (or symposium/meeting) are funded only if they include active participation (own presentation/poster presentation, official function) in the event.

Periods of research at other institutions are eligible if:

  • active research is conducted,
  • results can be presented,
  • no other way to access the data/field of research is available.

Please note:

Only one instance of PhD-related travel per year is funded.


As of 2020, PhD travel can be augmented from overhead or unused funds. For this purpose, the business trip was converted into a grant trip. The grant allowance of 60% of the travel expenses is automatically topped up to the rates of the PhD travel fund. Should the trip be more expensive, it can be augmented to 100% from overhead or residual funds.

More Information

Please read the following information thouroughly before applying.

Other available funding

Before applying for support from the PhD travel fund, please check whether other funding is available, e.g. via:


German Academic Exchange Service DAAD: Scholarship Database (in German)


Fritz Thyssen Förderung: Travel Subsidies

Eligible travel

Trips to attend conferences as well as periods of research at other institutions are eligible for funding, provided they are directly related to the preparation of a doctoral or postdoctoral dissertation Since 2007, active participation (own presentation/poster presentation, official function) in the event in question has been a prerequisite for receiving funding for conference trips.

Requirements for periods of research at other institutions

  • Active research is conducted (e.g. data collection).
  • Results can be presented (e.g. chapters of the doctoral dissertation).
  • No other ways of accessing the data/field of research are available (.e.g. field research).

What is NOT funded?

Methodology courses, further education courses, informal applications, trips to conferences and symposiums without active participation.

Who is eligible to apply?

All members in accordance with section 15 of the General Regulations of the Universität der Bundeswehr München (§15 RahBest of UniBw M) who are working on their doctorate or habilitation.

Number of trips funded

A maximum of one trip per person per year can be funded.

How to apply

Please use the new application form.

  1. Fill in and submit an application form to the person in charge of the PhD travel fund (Ms. Elisabeth Eder, see contact details below).
  2. Once your application has been approved, you will be asked to file a travel request. Please refer to the “PhD travel fund” in this request and, together with the approved application, send it to travel management ZV II.3.



Applications and Questions

Please send your application to Ms. Elisabeth Eder. In case you have any questions concerning the PhD Travel Fund, she is your contact person.

Elisabeth Eder Elisabeth Eder


  • 1: Elisabeth Eder