An application for funding subvention can be filed by any member of the University in accordance with section 15 of the General Regulations on the Structure and Organization of UniBw M who is considered a young researcher in the broadest sense. This includes anyone classified as an R1 to R3 researcher in accordance with the 2017 National Report on Junior Scholars (Bundesbericht Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs 2017, available in German Stage R1 (first stage researcher) marks the beginning of a scientific career up to the point of a PhD. R2 (recognized researcher) is the intermediate stage of the qualifying phase and R3 (established researcher) marks the end of that phase.

Doctoral and postdoctoral candidates employed at UniBw M in particular are eligible for support. Other young researchers as defined above are also eligible for support. An application for publication subvention can only be made by a current member of UniBw M (see section 15 of the General Regulations). An application alone does not constitute a claim. After consideration and approval by the responsible committees, payment can be made up to one year after termination of membership in UniBw M (section 15 of the General Regulations). This period of one year begins the day after termination of membership.