The University of the Bundeswehr Munich (UniBw M) will partially fund the publication of valuable academic works upon request. Publication subvention has been available for more than 16 years.

The table below shows the publication subvention provided by UniBw M in recent years:

Grafik Druckkostenzuschuss_EN.png

In 2020, the Committee for the Support of Young Researchers revised the way publication costs are subsidized. Funding of up to €1,200 can now be awarded to young researchers to support their publications in print and online, based on a standard rate of 50% of the author’s own share in the actual cost of publication.

Information on the Subvention

Purpose of the Subvention

  • Improving the quality of publications by young researchers through targeted support of high-quality dissertations and opening up opportunities for inclusion in particularly prestigious scientific publications (especially in peer-reviewed journals)
  • Increasing the publication output of young researchers
  • Strengthening the presence of UniBw M in the national and international academic landscape

Eligible Work

Publication subvention is granted to support the publication of valuable academic works, such as:

  1. doctoral dissertations, summa cum laude;
  2. doctoral dissertations, magna cum laude;
  3. postdoctoral dissertations;
  4. articles and papers confirmed in their field of specialization as being of a high standard of quality (for example through peer reviews), particularly if published in scholarly journals. The member of the Committee for the Support of Young Researchers who serves as the designated liaison in matters of funding will check that the work meets the quality criteria, particularly objective criteria such as whether a peer review process has already taken place.


An application for funding subvention can be filed by any member of the University in accordance with section 15 of the General Regulations on the Structure and Organization of UniBw M who is considered a young researcher in the broadest sense. This includes anyone classified as an R1 to R3 researcher in accordance with the 2017 National Report on Junior Scholars (Bundesbericht Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs 2017, available in German Stage R1 (first stage researcher) marks the beginning of a scientific career up to the point of a PhD. R2 (recognized researcher) is the intermediate stage of the qualifying phase and R3 (established researcher) marks the end of that phase.

Doctoral and postdoctoral candidates employed at UniBw M in particular are eligible for support. Other young researchers as defined above are also eligible for support. An application for publication subvention can only be made by a current member of UniBw M (see section 15 of the General Regulations). An application alone does not constitute a claim. After consideration and approval by the responsible committees, payment can be made up to one year after termination of membership in UniBw M (section 15 of the General Regulations). This period of one year begins the day after termination of membership.

What About Works with Multiple Authors?

If a publication was written by several eligible authors, the grant will be distributed proportionally among them. This does not affect the maximum grant amount per publication.

Available Sum

The publication subvention covers 50% of the author’s own share in the publication costs, capped at €1,200.

What is meant by the author's own share?

The author’s share of the cost of publication refers to the sum that remains after any third-party funding (e.g. from scientific societies, foundations) has been deducted and which the applicant would have to bear if it were not for the UniBw M publication subvention. Any payments received from the copyright society VG Wort are not taken into account when calculating the author’s share because they cannot be predicted at the time of publication. For joint publication by several authors, the subvention is granted just once per publication and calculated proportionally on the basis of the author’s share of the eligible applicant(s).

Application Process

Applications must be directed for approval to the person in charge of publication subvention.

Applications can be considered if submitted within one year of publication. If the applicant and the work in question meet the relevant criteria and if sufficient budgetary funds are available, the application will be approved in whole or in part. The applicant will be informed in writing of the sum that has been granted and the Central Administration will be notified. After the publication costs have been invoiced and paid, the applicant must submit the notification of approval, the original invoice and their bank details to the Central Administration. The Central Administration will then pay the previously approved publication subvention. If the actual invoice amounts to less than the sum stated in the application, the grant will be reduced by the payment office so as not to exceed 50% of the author’s share.


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