Welcome as a doctoral student at the University of the Bundsewehr Munich (UniBw M). This overview (not exhaustive) represents optional steps that shall serve as an orientation. There is no entitlement to measures that can be derived from this list.

Start your doctoral research

  • Find out about current events and offers on our website for the support of young researchers and at the respective department
  • Check various funding opportunities in databases (e.g. funding)
  • Read the “Statement for the Promotion of Young Academics”
  • Specify the topic of your thesis together with your supervisor
  • Read doctoral degree regulation
  • Conclude a supervision agreement
  • Take the course on "Good Scientific Practice"
  • Enter your name into the list of doctoral candidates (see the document on the doctoral procedure at the examinations office)
  • Subscribe to the NeFFT newsletter (sent via the email distribution list for the research associates)
  • Get to know the research associates’ council ("Konvent der wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeitenden KWM" – German website)

The doctoral phase

  • Hold regular meetings with your supervisors
  • Prepare publications/publish articles
  • Enter publications into the UniBw M research database AtheneForschung
  • Hold presentations at departmental conferences/meetings
  • Network within the community
  • Inform yourself about current events and offers (e.g. under events and at the respective department)
  • Gain experience in raising third-party funding
  • Organize research stay, if applicable
  • Look into possible career paths and options

Completing your doctoral degree

  • Check the examinations office’s information
  • Visit thesis defenses from other graduates in advance
  • Check whether you have all necessary documents for the submission
  • Check how the dissertation is to be published
  • Note that the dissertation with the expert opinionmust on display for inspection at the department for a certain period of time
  • Look into possible career paths and options