The opportunity to earn a doctoral degree at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich is open to anyone with the appropriate qualifications. UniBw M has excellent connections to national and international research networks and cooperates with many renowned industry partners. Doctorates can thus be earned in both basic research and in fields more closely related to industry.


A degree such as a Diplom, master’s degree or an equivalent qualification with an overall grade of at least 2.5 or “good” is required to apply for a doctoral program at UniBw M. For a doctorate in law (“Dr. jur.”), the first or second state examination must have been passed with at least a “satisfactory” grade.

Graduates with an above-average master’s degree from a university of applied sciences may also apply for a doctoral program at our university.


For your orientation, we have compiled the most important steps for your promotion here

Opportunities and Doctoral Degrees


The following departments offer opportunities to study for a doctoral degree:

Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences (BAU)

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EIT)

Human Sciences (HUM)

Computer Science (INF)

Aerospace Engineering (LRT)

Social Sciences and Public Affairs (SOWI)

Economic and Management (WOW)

The Departments of Business Administration, of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences cannot independently award doctoral degrees. A cooperative doctorate, however, provides an opportunity to earn a doctoral degree in cooperation with a university department. More information below.

Doctoral Degrees

The following doctorates can be earned at UniBw M:

PhD in Engineering (Dr.-Ing.)

PhD in Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.)

PhD in Philosophy (Dr. phil.)

PhD in Law (Dr. jur.)

PhD in Economics and Management (Dr. rer. pol.)


Habilitation is a qualification to conduct university teaching in a scientific discipline. Habilitation is open to candidates with a doctoral degree who have teaching experience and previously published their scientific work. Candidates seeking admission to the habilitation process must not have:

  • unsuccessfully attempted habilitation before,
  • applied for habilitation elsewhere without completing the process,
  • had an academic degree revoked or be awaiting a pending decision on such matter.

For additional information on the requirements for and the process of habilitation see “Important Downloads” below.


Mr. Weber and Ms. Lützer will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your doctorate and habilitation. Please check first whether the documents in the download area already answer your question.