At the Chair of "Electrical Drives and Actuators" (EAA) research is performed on topics relevant for industry and science.

In the field of "Electrical Drives and Actuators" detailed knowledge of the system under consideration is a key for success. Therefore, system analysis and system design are in the focus of our activities. This means that electromagnetic power converter (motor / generator / actuator), power electronics and control have to be regarded simultaneously to come to an overall optimum (rather than optimizing single components).

Depending on the needs of the regarded application, the optimum drive system is chosen. Consequently, the electromagnetic device (motor / generator / actuator - as the key component of any drive system), the power electronics topology and the control circuitry are designed. Specialized solutions are our favourite tasks.

Beside the theoretical analysis and design of drive systems, some very special (partly worldwide unique) test-benches are available for experimental investigation and validation.