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Electrical Drives determine in a multifaceted manner our today’s way of life: Regarding the generation of electrical energy, e.g. in hydroelectric power stations, the factory automation, the automotive industry or household appliances (e.g. electrical shaver, washing machine, etc.) Electrical Machines and Drives are the key component.

Therefore, the Electrival Drive and Actuator Technology essentially is responsible for our current economic standard. Because of holding a key function in the application of new technologies it is obvious that the Electrival Drive Technology and Automation is even a decisive factor for the future development and prosperity of our society.

Inter alia, actual research areas refer to the improvement of the theoretical description and modelling of Electrical Drives, to the development and optimization of new systems and/or components (depending on the application the optimization is performed according to different target functions) and to the integration of drives into applications. Beside the functionality, costs and quality have a major impact on the design of Electrical Drives.

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