The EAA-Forum is a meeting place for representatives of economy, politics, and science with the intention to build and intensify relationships between university and companies.

With presentation of lectures, guiding tours through production plants and laboratories, etc. the possibility of intensive brainstorming about general current topics (e.g. experiences with the new study-course "Mathematical Engineering" at the UniBw Munich, state-of-the-art of the developments of fuel-cell-vehicles by Daimler AG) should be given in a relaxed environment and a friendly atmosphere.

The EAA-Forum is taking place regularly three times annually (February - June - October) mostly in companies in the greater Munich-southeast area or at our institute and will be organized by us, too.

Schedules for further events:
... sorry for having no further events in the pipeline currently ...

Overview of the previous events:
Nov 05, 2013: 25th EAA-Forum (Compact Dynamics GmbH - production facility at Starnberg)
May 23, 2013: 24th EAA-Forum (OSRAM GmbH - visit of the light-studio in the old OSRAM-house in Munich)
Sep 20, 2012: 23rd EAA-Forum (Siemens AG / Loher - production plant at Ruhstorf/Rott)
Mar 06, 2012: 22nd EAA-Forum (BAUER AG - production plant at Schrobenhausen/Aresing)
May 31, 2011: 21st EAA-Forum (Stadtwerke Munich GmbH - visit of the "power plant south")
Feb 15, 2011: 20th EAA-Forum (BMW AG Munich - visit of the FIZ)
Jun 22, 2010: 19th EAA-Forum (MTU Aero-Engines GmbH at Munich/Karlsfeld)
Feb 23, 2010: 18th EAA-Forum (EADS Deutschland GmbH at Manching)
Nov 10, 2009: 17th EAA-Forum (Daimler AG at Sindelfingen)
Jun 16, 2009: 16th EAA-Forum (DB ProjektBau GmbH - visit of the BLZ in Munich)
Feb 17, 2009: 15th EAA-Forum (OSRAM GmbH - production plant at Augsburg)
Oct 14, 2008: 14th EAA-Forum (Brückner GmbH - production plant at Siegsdorf)
Jun 17, 2008: 13th EAA-Forum (Daimler AG - Mercedes-Benz-Museum in Stuttgart)
Feb 19, 2008: 12th EAA-Forum (Siemens AG - Large Drives in Nuremberg)
Oct 16, 2007: 11th EAA-Forum (Geothermie Unterhaching GmbH & Co. KG)
Jun 12, 2007: 10th EAA-Forum (EAA-Institute - UniBw Munich in Neubiberg / Daimler AG)
Feb 13, 2007: 9th EAA-Forum (Siemens AG - Transportation Systems in Munich-Allach)
Oct 17, 2006: 8th EAA-Forum (OSRAM GmbH - production plant at Eichstätt)
Jun 13, 2006: 7th EAA-Forum (EADS in Ottobrunn)
Feb 21, 2006: 6th EAA-Forum (EAA-Institute - UniBw Munich in Neubiberg)
Oct 25, 2005: 5th EAA-Forum (DaimlerChrysler AG in Kirchheim/Teck-Nabern)
Jul 05, 2005: 4th EAA-Forum (CADFEM GmbH in Grafing)
Feb 22, 2005: 3rd EAA-Forum (InterFace AG in Unterhaching)
Oct 26, 2004: 2nd EAA-Forum (EAA-Institute - UniBw Munich in Neubiberg)
Jun 23, 2004: 1st EAA-Forum (Forschungsbrauerei in Munich-Perlach)