The new MISS cohort has arrived!

11 Januar 2023

A warm welcome to the students of the MISS 2023! It's still slow with a greeting of the students and a first teaching session. However, starting next week, teaching will pick up the pace and the full program will begin. In the first semester, students will take introductory courses in Intelligence and Security Studies, Human Rights and Security Issues from a normative perspective, and Digitalization. An eventful time awaits MISS 2023!

The students come from a wide range of disciplines and are exclusively current and future employees of the intelligence services of the Federal Government (BND, BfV and MAD), the Länder (LfV), as well as soldiers and civilian members of the Bundeswehr (esp. from the MilNW sector). In addition, the course is also open to members of the ministerial administration with links to security policy (especially the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Ministry of Defense, and the Federal Foreign Office) and to members of the parliamentary administration who are active in the parliamentary control of the intelligence services.

More information on the MISS can be found here.