M.A. Management & Media - Application-oriented Research

In M.A. Management and Media, the contents of the bachelor's programme are deepened. The focus is on research and science. You can choose between various modules in the fields of Economics & Management, Organisational Communication and Journalism.

Economics & Management

In the competence field of Economics & Management you can specialise in the fields of Human Resource Management, Accounting, Economics and Business and Media Informatics. We also deal with the challenges of digital transformation for business processes and business models.

Organisational Communication

Communication management is an important area of strategic corporate management. In the competence field Organizational Communication, you will immerse yourself in the world of communication management: Political communication, public relations and marketing are important areas of organizational communication. It deals with the integration of internal communication (e.g. employee communication) and external communication (e.g. marketing) into the management of an organization and the challenges of digitization.


In the competence field of journalism, you will acquire competences that qualify you for journalism activities but also for editorial tasks in public relations, organisational communication and media management. The focus is, for example, on the digitalisation of media and media innovations. Nevertheless, quality journalism remains the central point of reference. In application-oriented research projects, you will acquire project management skills for media projects and you will be able to conduct your own research: you will design, produce and analyse journalistic products. You will analyse the impact of media using with communication science methods.

International Orientation

In English-language courses you will acquire international language competence.

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