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Work in Progress

  1. Is Information Disclosure a Driver for Gender Wage and Proposal Gaps in Online Labor Markets? Empirical Evidence from a Natural Experiment (with Estrella Gomez-Herrera)
  2. Job Fit Update when Experimenting Gender (with Estrella Gomez-Herrera, Karin Hoisl and Myriam Mariani)
  3. Do Online Workers Pass-on Platform Fees to Employers? Empirical Evidence from More Than 3.3 Million Bids (with Estrella Gomez-Herrera and Ulrich Laitenberger)
  4. Does Data Disclosure Promote the Diffusion of Knowledge? Empirical Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Leading Economics Journals (with Mark McCabe)
  5. Industrial Data Sharing and Data Readiness: A Law and Economics Perspective (with Nathalie Jorzik), Special Issue Invitation
  6. Downstream Price Discrimination and the Ambiguous Welfare Effects of Downstream Competition (with Jürgen Eichberger)
  7. The Impact of the Enactment of the Madrid Protocol on Trademark Flows: Empirical Evidence from the US (with Kyriakos Drivas)

Chapters in Refereed Handbooks and Books

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Policy Reports

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  3. The Digital Transformation of News Media and the Rise of Fake News: An Economic Perspective, JRC Digital Economy Working Paper 2018-02 (with Luis Aguiar, Estrella Gomez-Herrera and Bertin Martens)
  4. Trade, Competition and Welfare in Global Online Labour Markets: A 'Gig Economy' Case Study. JRC Digital Economy Working Paper 2017-05 (with Estrella Gomez-Herrera and Bertin Martens)