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Our graduates are trained in the fields of journalism, communication and media management. Their skills are in demand in the military and civilian employment market as well.

A Management & Media Alumnus "on duty"

Dear students,

my name is Julian S. and I studied Management and Media from 2011 - 2015. Meanwhile I am an editor at the Bundeswehr Radio Andernach. My tasks are very varied. As a trained newsreader and presenter, I'm often in the studio: either every hour for updates from around the world or in a broadcast lasting several hours. But my tasks also include external appointments. There I conduct interviews, for example, to collect original sounds for my contributions. Politicians, musicians, soldiers - every conversation is always a new challenge.

In addition to classic editorial work, there are events where I present live in front of an audience on stage. This can be an open day at the barracks or the Tag der Bundeswehr.
Of course, the military leadership tasks - be it shooting, sports training or supervision - are not missing either.

I hope you'll enjoy your studies and have a good research.

Julian S. (M.A. in Management and Media), Mayen in March 2018