Teaching Award

The university-wide teaching prize of the Student Convention, which has been awarded annually since 2015, honours particularly committed professors and scientific staff.
In 2017, the award was granted to a member of the Faculty of Business Administration – Prof. Dr. Martin Strösser from the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science. Dr. Rainer Sontheimer from the Institute of Journalism was honored in 2016 and in 2015, Prof. Dr. Luitpold Babel from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics received the prize for the best teaching.

Quality Management


The consecutive Bachelor's and Master's programs in Management and Media were accredited by ACQUIN and gained the quality seal of the Accreditation Council on 24 June 2014. Re-accreditation was received in 2018.

Quality Development by Professors

The professors working in the study programs actively contribute to the quality assurance of the course. In regular professorial meetings, the further development of both individual modules and the entire study program is of central importance.

Quality Development by Students

The students were involved already in the conception of the study program via their committee representatives. They actively participate in the decision-making processes concerning the development and quality assurance of the study program - even beyond the evaluation of teaching.

Regular Teaching Evaluation

We put emphasis on ensuring the high quality of teaching, research and further training and guarantee up-to-date education that is closely related to practice. It is rooted in the self-conception of the university that quality and intensity of research are an essential condition for the quality and pertinence of teaching. The combination of research and teaching constitutes the foundation on which the training of our students is based, serving the current needs of both the civilian job market and the Bundeswehr.
Since 2001, an evaluation of all courses at the Bundeswehr University Munich has been carried out to ensure the quality of study and teaching. All courses are evaluated at least every two years using the software EvaSys online or paper-based. The evaluation is documented in teaching reports, which are coordinated with the student representatives.

Evaluation Regulations

The Bundeswehr University Munich has an evaluation regulation for the purpose of setting goals, objects and procedures of evaluation, which contains guidelines on data protection. A secure handling of the collected data is guaranteed.