More than mere Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration is made up of five institutes from the disciplines of Business Management, Economics and Law, Organizational Communication, Journalism, Mathematics & Informatics.

Together, we offer the academic B.A. & M.A. programs Management and Media. The Institutes of Business Management and Mathematics & Informatics "export" their knowledge to the University of Applied Sciences, for instance to the academic programs of Aeronautical Engineering or Applied Computer and Information Technology.


Excellent Teaching

Awards for distinguished teaching at the Bundeswehr University Munich

The university-wide teaching prize annually awarded by the student board, honors particularly committed professors and research assistants. The award which has been granted since 2015, went to Prof. Dr. Martin Strösser from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics in 2017. In 2016 Dr. Rainer Sontheimer from the Institute of Journalism received the prize for best teaching and in 2015 Prof. Dr. Luitpold Babel from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics was honored.