50 years of UniBw M


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to celebrate the anniversary year 2023 in a special way in order to express the university’s dynamism and innovative potential. One of the highlights will be our Open Day with promotion ceremony on 24 June. This event will give you the opportunity to see for yourself the diversity of the university’s research landscape on our beautiful green campus in Neubiberg. As part of a series of events in cooperation with the Volkshochschule SüdOst (South East Adult Education Center), our research centers and institutes will also provide insights into their own fascinating work.

The foundation of the two civilian-type Bundeswehr universities in Hamburg and Munich in 1973 marks a decisive turning point for the academization of officer training in the Federal Republic of Germany. The initiative came three years earlier from the then Federal Minister of Defense, Helmut Schmidt, and tied in perfectly with the democratic "citizen in uniform" ideal of the Bundeswehr, which was founded in 1955.

Supported by new, innovative research institutes and centers, the University of the Bundeswehr Munich – most notably under the groundbreaking presidency of Prof. Dr. Merith Niehuss from 2005 to 2022 – cultivated the distinctive profile "Security in Technology and Society" and is thus in an ideal position. These establishments currently include the Research Center for Cyber Defense, Smart Data and Quantum Technology (CODE), the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies (CISS), the Military Aviation Research Center (MARC), the Modern Vehicles Research Center (MOVE), the Risk, Infrastructure, Security and Conflict Research Center (RISK), the Integrated Sensor Systems Research Center (SENS), the Smart Digital Health Research Center (SMADH), and the SPACE Research Center.

In recent years, the areas Transfer and Cooperation have been added in order to strengthen the university’s exchange with players from the Bundeswehr and the fields of industry, politics, culture and society: In 2019, founders@unibw, the Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship Center of the UniBw M, was founded. Since 2020, the dtec.bw – Digitalization and Technology Research Center of the Bundeswehr, which is supported by both Bundeswehr universities, has enabled intensive research cooperation with science, industry, administration, and society, and makes a specific contribution to strengthening Germany's digital sovereignty.

With our excellent teaching and research conditions, we have been committed to student officer candidates/officers as well as academic freedom for half a century. The university boasts an extensive network in the national and international university landscape and is well prepared for the major challenges of the future.

I would be very pleased if I have sparked your interest in our university and would be delighted to welcome you at one of our anniversary events.


With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. mont. Dr.-Ing. habil. Eva-Maria Kern, MBA
President of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich

Anniversary Events

Registration for the presentations by our research institutions is handled by the Volkshochschule SüdOst. If you have any questions contentwise, please contact

Laura Glockzin: laura.glockzin@unibw.de.

Please note that the events will be held in German.


11 October 2023

Ceremony for the golden jubilee of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich. For invited guests only.

Our Campus

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