20. International Conference on Building Materials ibausil

12. 09. 2018 - 14. 09. 2018


The history of ibausil

By establishing the International Conference on Building Materials "ibausil" in 1964 an international forum for the exchange of scientific views was created. One aim of the conference has always been to bring researchers from universities and industrial enterprises, from the east and the west, together in the geographical centre of Europe.

As in the past, the main emphasis is put on problems of the development and application of building materials. An accompanying exhibition of products and procedures will also take place. In addition, the organizers intend to offer special excursions on the last day of the conference.

The variety of sights in and around Weimar and the impressive cultural heritage and contemporary works of art will make your stay in the "European city of culture 1999" pleasant and worthwhile.


Bauhaus Weiterbildungsakademie Weimar e.V.
Congress Centrum "Neue Weimarhalle", Weimar
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