Electronic Media

The University Library offers all members of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich access to a variety of electronic media.


In addition to its subscriptions to printed journals, the University Library has licensed several thousands of scientific e-journals.

You can find all our journals in our OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). Electronic journals can also be searched for directly in the EZB directory (Electronic Journals Library).

In addition, a growing number of Open Access journal articles are available worldwide.

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) indexes and provides access to high quality, Open Access journals.


The University Library offers an extensive range of e-books in the university network.

Via our OPAC+ (Open Public Access Catalogue Plus) you can find all e-books licensed by the University Library.

All e-books purchased permanently are also listed in the University Library's OPAC. You can also specifically search there for e-books by selecting "E-book" as media type.


The University Library gives you access to various scientific databases that can be found via our OPAC or directly in the DBIS directory (Database Information System).

In particular, the University Library has licensed thematically oriented literature databases (in part including the full texts) and factual databases (e.g. on statistical data).


All electronic media can be accessed from within the campus network without further registration.

For external access various options are available:

  • Databases and e-books from large publishers can be accessed via a proxy service operated by the University Library. The corresponding links are registered in DBIS.
  • Many platforms allow you to log in with your IT Center ID via Shibboleth.
  • Access is also possible for authorized persons via the VPN service ans Windows Terminal Server (WTS) service operated by the computing center.

Copyright and License Terms

As a basic principle all our electronic media as well as all our printed publications are subject to the provisions of German copyright law. In addition, the terms of use of publishers and providers apply:

Systematic downloading of full texts or search results, in particular by automated processes, is expressly prohibited. The full texts of the articles may only be used for personal use and for teaching and research purposes. Commercial use is not allowed. The full texts may not be passed on electronically or in print to third parties.

Specific terms of use (on saving, printing, ...) of individual providers can be found on the respective provider pages.