UniBw München - The Birthplace of Autonomous Driving

21 September 2021

The 2021 economic  forum Neubiberg was held under the theme "Neubiberg - Birthplace and
Accelerator for Autonomous Driving".

Thorsten Lüttel began by presenting the role of the UniBw München as The Birthplace of Autonomous Driving, with its research going back to Ernst Dieter Dickmanns and is currently being continued by Hans-Joachim Wünsche.

Representatives of Neubiberg-based companies active in the field of autonomous driving then gave presentations: Tim Gutheit from Infineon reported on The "Eyes" of Automated Vehicles - a Safety Cocoon of Semiconductor Sensors, Stefan Mäntele from Intel presented The Brain of Autonomous Vehicles, and Florian Bogenberger from exida presented Functional Safety for Autonomous Vehicles.

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Photo: Florian Bogenberger, Christoph Heer, Tim Gutheit, Thorsten Lüttel, Stefan Mäntele and mayor Thomas Pardeller (from left) at the economic forum Neubiberg (Photo: Marina Prüller, Neubiberg)