Priority: Aerospace Structures

Light and efficient structures are of decisive importance for aerospace systems. In this context, the Institute of Lightweight Engineering has set itself the goal of further developing existing structural designs and of exploring novel approaches and concepts for use in satellites and delivery systems. This includes the use of modern fiber-reinforced plastics, the use of innovative production methods, and the development of functionally integrative and smart structures and concepts. In addition to analytical and numerical methods, the Institute primarily uses its comprehensive structural/mechanical test laboratory for experimental testing and characterization of the developed structures.

Selected Research Topics:

  • Fiber-reinforced plastics for satellite structures
  • Thermostable structural concepts for optical systems
  • Structural event and health monitoring of aerospace structures
  • Functionally integrative materials for satellite components


Department of Aerospace Engineering
Institute of Lightweight Engineering

University of the Bundeswehr Munich
Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39
85577 Neubiberg, Germany

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