Prof. Dr.-Ing. Petra Weitkemper

Institute of Communications Engineering and Data Transmission Technology
University of the Bundeswehr Munich
Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39
85579 Neubiberg, Germany
Tel: +49 89 6004-3602

Professor Petra Weitkemper is a member of the SPACE research center Professor of Information Transmission Systems.

Information and communications technology is a key foundation of our modern digitalized world. Our specialty is the rapid, efficient and secure exchange of data and information via fiber-optic cables, radio links or trunk groups in this digitalized world of ours.

The research activities of the Institute focus on mobile communication. The top priorities of our applied research and development are the lower layers (PHY/MAC) of current and future mobile communication systems, in particular LTE and 5G, as well as the security of the air interface. For this purpose, the Institute operates its own mobile communication base stations and has modern and high-quality laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and high-performance software-defined radio (SDR) platforms that can efficiently simulate and analyze complex communication systems including real-time radio transmission.

For several years, we have been working with Professor Thomas Pany, who is a founding member of the SPACE research center, on the interfaces between global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and mobile communication, for example on the GNSS-based synchronization of mobile communication base stations and positioning using GNSS and mobile communication.





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Image Prof. Weitkemer: © Petra Weitkemper
Collage: © StFw Norbert Englberger, © Bundeswehr / Michael Mandt, © Petra Weitkemper