Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hofmann

Institute of Information Technology
University of the Bundeswehr Munich
Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39
85579 Neubiberg, Germany
Tel: +49 89 6004-7520
Email: c.hofmann@unibw.de

Dr. Christian Hoffman is a founding member of the SPACE Research Centre and holds the Junior Professorship in Secure Space Communications at the Institute of Information Technology.

Satellite communication is an integral component of technological progress and is omnipresent in the digital world. The research conducted at the Institute of Information Technology contributes to functioning and safe communication via satellite, for example in emergencies or crises that require communication over long distances and independent of terrestrial networks. Protecting satellite communication from hacking attacks is vitally important both for military and civilian purposes. The elimination of interfering signals – and thus the improvement of satellite signals – is another focus issue.

Junior Professor Dr. Christian Hoffmann heads the Safe Space Communication group at the Institute of Information Technology.

SPACE – Research Priority Satellite Communications

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