Together with his team, Professor Klaus Buchenrieder has spent more than two decades developing sensors, signal processing algorithms and specialized hardware to control complex hand and arm prostheses. The focus of their research is on systems that combine the signals of multiple sensors (sensor fusion) and directly compute them to control modern multifinger prostheses (edge computing). The results of the research group are implemented in aids such as prosthetic devices that are used in the rehabilitation of injuries to the upper extremities to significantly increase quality of life. Sensor data collected from the skin are also highly useful in preventive and emergency medicine, which is why, for some time now, the team has been working on a sensor system for use in patient care, which will be applied like a band-aid and connected, to a monitor via a wireless interface. For emergency services and non-civilian use, these systems will additionally be equipped with sensors to record environmental factors. In an interdisciplinary approach, chemists and physicists at the SENS Research Center are working with the research team on a sensor to determine blood lactate levels as well as a sensor to measure high levels of sound pressure.


Professor Klaus Buchenrieder
Department of Computer Science
Institute of Computer Engineering
Telephone: +49 89 6004-2170