Data Processing

There are several ways of obtaining vital parameters from sensor data directly derived from the body. First, however, the raw data must be filtered and pre-processed. This project phase will examine whether the primary data should be processed directly at the sensor (edge computing) or in a server in order to efficiently conduct an AI-supported evaluation of heterogeneous sensor data.

The objective is to develop and test a data processing procedure (possibly supported by special hardware) to determine vital parameters. In addition to AI methods, concepts of self-monitoring and redundancy should guarantee reliability, even if individual sensors fail. With regard to future applications, the SanTrain project could be used for studying ways of measuring external respiratory parameters and, at the same time, blood oxygen saturation. This demonstrator would allow for the accurate and reliable measurement of signals from the skin surface, for example without a constricting chest strap. It would, for example, allow us to develop and demonstrate all modules that are necessary for data processing and for identifying vital parameters.


Secure data transfer is required for the wired or wireless connection of the sensor nodes on the subject to a central server where vital parameters are determined through AI-supported methods. It is likely that the data will be pre-processed in the sensor nodes as the transfer of all measured data would result in high levels of power consumption for individual sensors or larger sensor arrangements. Research in this project phase is based on established radio transmission standards (Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, ISM transceiver) as they satisfy the necessary requirements regarding bandwidth, latency time and power consumption.

The aim of this project phase is to provide efficient communication that meets security and safety requirements for the connection of the sensor nodes on the subject to a separate server. We may use wired transmission for first proof-of-concept demonstrators. A demonstrator will be used to show that a secure and sufficiently fast transfer of raw and pre-processed data from several sensors to a server computer is possible via the air interface.

System Integration

This project phase deals with system design and data transfer. The integration of the sensor components into overall systems is carried out in accordance with requirements specifications that have been prepared in cooperation with application partners. Sensor components, data processing and the communication interface are now integrated into miniaturized mobile setups. Further steps include the integration of demonstrators for mobile systems and for the provision of relevant information through multiparameter analysis and AI-supported data processing. The aim is to examine and test the demonstrators in realistic conditions with the involvement of application partners.