Professor Jörg Böttcher

Professorship of Control Engineering and Electrical Metrology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
University of the Bundeswehr Munich
Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39
85579 Neubiberg, Germany
Telephone: +49 89 6004-3993

Professor Jörg Böttcher is a founding member of the SENS Research Center and holds the Professorship of Control Engineering and Electrical Metrology.

The professorship works at the interface between basic technological research and industrial implementation. It covers a wide range of methods of metrology and control engineering as well as simulation procedures, focusing on smart devices and machines as well as automated technical processes. The professorship has many years of experience in conducting practice-relevant studies and research work for industry. Students are offered an interesting package of training modules and student projects.

Focus areas of the professorship

  • metrology and sensor technology
  • simulation of technical processes
  • control engineering and embedded control
  • the Internet of Things (IOT)

Competence areas in the SENS Research Center

  • computer-assisted collection of sensor data
  • tools and algorithms for evaluating measurement data
  • image processing procedures
  • signal processing for sensors and sensor networks
  • physical modeling
  • emulation of sensor behavior for development purposes
  • feasibility assessments
  • trend diagnoses
  • planning models


Examples of current or recent SENS-related research projects of the professorship:

  • Motion studies and prototypical development of control algorithms for a dynamic assistance system for hand tools
  • Basic concept, simulation and laboratory testing of a safe automatic drone descent
  • Prototype development of sensor-driven basic electronics and a baseboard for a tracking module
  • Basic design of four-quadrant infrared descent navigation with simulation and testing of a functional model


Image: © Just Imagine/Thomas Benz

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