Sensor systems as an interface between the analog and the digital world

We use sensors for many different parameters in all areas of our daily life. The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) will only increase the importance of sensor technology and will strongly influence people’s lives and behavior. New technologies and methods for analyzing and sharing information are at the foundation of all areas of our daily lives, including health and medical technology, autonomous mobility, intelligent building and construction as well as environmental monitoring. Sensor systems at the interface between the analog world of our everyday life and the digital world of information technology play a decisive role in this development.

The associated challenges can only be tackled in an interdisciplinary approach, which will help to implement basic research results in specific areas of application. The SENS Research Center is committed to developing and testingsensor systems for technology and human use in cooperation with other departments and experts from research institutions and industry, in a comprehensive approach that integrates both hardware and software (sensors, electronics, bonding and packaging technology, data evaluation and data analysis with AI-based methods, data security).

Providing expertise as a think tank

The goal of the SENS Research Center is to provide hardware and software expertise for the technical implementation and testing of secure and integrated sensor systems. This expertise will accelerate the development of application-driven sensor systems in cooperation with UniBw M departments, industry and the armed forces and it will strengthen cooperation with universities, research institutions and industry. SENS as a think tank creates opportunities to develop innovative solutions for specific applications. The interdisciplinary approach of SENS is also intended to motivate students at UniBw M to work with sensor systems across different departments as an interface between the analog and the digital world.