Conceptualizing a communication strategy for the implementation of recommendations of the BBK in the area of „Prevention of extreme events in the area of constructional civil defense”.

Due to increasing natural catastrophes and other kinds of threats, it has become increasingly important in Germany to develop up-to-date, constructional and technical civil defense measures of both endangered facilities and of civil residential areas fraught with risk. However, being a federal office, the BBK can only make recommendations for taking precautions for extreme events and asymmetrical threats such as terrorism attacks of buildings of civil defense in federal states, municipalities, cities, and the professional community.

To foster the use and implementation of existing knowledge into practice by relevant institutions requires effective information and communication measures for influencing decision making processes of these stakeholders, multipliers and gatekeepers including an effective communication strategy.

Hence, the goal of this research process was to develop an effective communication strategy including measures and tools of information and communication to a) raise the awareness about existing research findings gained in projects such as “BauProtect” in the area of constructional civil defense and b) include this knowledge in relevant decision making on the basis of a socio-economic perspective.