The project ODISCYE (Online Disinformation and Cyber Propaganda in International Politics) is a joint-funded project at the Chair of International Politics and Conflict Studies (Prof. Dr. Stephan Stetter, funded by the Center for Information Work of the German Armed Forces).


Project description

In the 30 years since the Internet became publicly accessible, it has permeated all aspects of public and political life and become an integral part of modern society. In addition to the opportunities, dangers associated with the Internet threaten society at various levels and pose a political challenge. Against this background, the ODISCYE project investigates the role that threats from cyberspace play in international politics. The project examines cyber threats faced by NATO, the EU and Germany and discusses solutions in dealing with cyber threats.

ODISCYE as a project aims to conduct this discussion not on a purely academic level, but to create a dialogue between research, policy, and military and civilian actors. A first step towards realizing this goal was the expert workshop "Cyber (In)Securities: Online Disinformation and Cyber Propaganda and its Impact on International Politics" held at the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub in Berlin on June 27-28, 2022. A wide range of international representatives from the fields of academia, politics, business, and the military have been invited for the two-day conference.  You will be able to read the results of this workshop and our research in the Policy Report "Online Disinformation and Cyber (In-)Securities in International Politics", which will be published in 2023.