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Prof. Dr. Timothy Williams

Junior Professorship of Insecurity and Social Order

Institute of Political Science


Tel.: +49 89 6004-2408

Twitter: @_tim_williams_

Timothy Williams is a comparative political scientist and conflict scholar. His research and teaching focus on insecurity and social order and study conflict, violence and the politics of memory, drawing on qualitative field research in Southeast Asia and East Africa, as well as -with colleagues in data science and computational social sciences - on NLP methods and big data analysis. His first book “The Complexity of Evil. Perpetration and Genocide” deals with the motivations of perpetrators to participate in genocide. His second book is under contract with Bristol University Press and comparatively studies the politics of memory in various post-conflict countries, analysing how the attribution of roles (perpetrator, victim, hero, …) can serve as a foundation for power.

After studying political science in Mannheim and comparative politics at the London School of Economics, Timothy Williams completed his PhD at the Centre for Conflict Studies of Marburg University. His PhD has since been acknowledged with two awards, one by the university of Marburg, the other by the German Peace Psychologist Association. He was also a postdoc and project leader of various projects at the Centre for Conflict Studies in Marburg before he moved to the Bundeswehr University Munich where he is also co-Chairman of the research centre RISK. Timothy Williams is Vice President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars and co-editor-in-chief of the ZeFKo Studies in Peace and Conflict.

For more information on my research please also see my personal website.


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