Vortrag im Rahmen der 10th International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications von 05. bis 07. September 2018
 "How Real Can Virtual Become? The Relation between Simulation and Reality Exemplified by the Digital Experiment"

 06. September 2018, Würzburg


It is a widespread notion that heightening the perceivable ‘realness’ – the iconical similarity

between virtual reality (VR) and reality – would improve presence, i. e. the impression of realness.

If it were like this, VR would be a minor type of reality as long as it were distinguishable from

reality. However, which sense would a VR environment make, if it were possible to let it seem

indistinguishable from reality? On the example of virtual moral experiments, the article shows

that awareness of the virtual state is crucial for creating presence.



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