Prof. Christopher Winch

Christopher Winch is Professor of Philosophy and Educational Policy at King’s College, London. He was Head of the Department of Education and Professional Studies at King’s from 2008-12. Christopher Winch was a member of a research group led by Professor Dietrich Benner at the Humboldt University from 1999 to 2006. This resulted in the publication of ‘Critique and Conformity in Liberal Society’ (Blackwell, 2005) edited with Professor Frieda Heyting. Winch has been working from 2010 with Professor Jürgen van Buer and Dina Kuhlee on comparisons between English and German teacher education. Winch has also done extensive work on European VET systems including the German system and the place of German and English VET in the European policy context. He published ‘Knowledge, Skills and Competence in the European Labour Market’ in 2011 (Routledge) with Linda Clarke, Michaela Brockmann, Georg Hanf, Philippe Méhaut and Anneke Westerhuis. He is currently interested in comparisons between German and English professional and vocational education systems.


King´s College London
London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

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