Dr. Dina Kuhlee

Dr. Dina Kuhlee is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Oldenburg in the Department of Vocational Education and Professional Studies at the School of Computing Science, Business Administration, Economics, and Law. She holds degrees in Comparative and International Education, Business Administration, and in Vocational Education and Professional Studies from Humboldt University, Berlin, and the University of Oxford, UK. Over the years Dina’s work has focused on further education, teacher education, and educational policy and governance from an international and comparative perspective. Her research work includes studies on, for example, the implementation of the Bologna reform process in Germany and its effects on university-based teacher education, and the approaches of governance and their relevance to the dual apprenticeship system in Germany. Her latest book, Governance in Initial Teacher Education: Perspectives on England and Germany (Springer VS, 2015), co-edited by Christopher Winch and Jürgen van Buer, takes a comparative view on educational reform policies in England and Germany and their effects on teacher education. Recently she edited, in co-operation with Andrea Laczik, the Special Issue ‘Understanding Vocational Education and Training (VET) in England and Germany: Insights from the perspectives of policy-making and governance’ in the journal Research in Comparative and International Education (Vol 10, No 4, December 2015).


Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Fakultät II
Department für Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften
Fachgebiet Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik
Ammerländer HeerStraße 114 – 118
26129 Oldenburg

Phone: +49 (0)441 798 4675
Email: dina.kuhlee@uni-oldenburg.de
Homepage: https://www.uni-oldenburg.de/wire/bwp/wir-ueber-uns/team/dina-kuhlee/