Project description

The aim of this project is to architecture and build lattice structures made of two different alloys (so-called metamaterials or architectured materials) that are able to achieve near-zero or even negative coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) due to their structuring. The application of such materials is in highly precise structural parts of satellites. The materials combination as well as the lattice structure are to be developed and manufactured by L-PBF (Laser Powder Bed Fusion). The fabricated parts will be evaluated by means of optical and electron microscopy, mechanical tests and dilatometry measurements.


This project is part of the larger project "Seamless Radio Access Networks for Internet of Space” (SeRANIS). The mission of SeRANIS,  with 14 collaborating research groups at the university, is the development of enhanced satellite communications networks, including 6G technologies. SeRANIS will develop, manufacture, launch, and operate a small satellite. Additive manufacturing of actively and passively thermally stabilised structures is one aspect of the project. SeRANIS consists of several "labs", and our work is part of lab 3.1 in close collaboration with the Institut für Leichtbau