In the Mechanical Materials Testing Laboratory, research is conducted on crack formation and crack propagation on a range of materials.


Static Materials Testing

Spindle driven universal traction machine:

Zwick 1484 equipped with control electronics DOLI EDC 580V and displacement transducer variably adjustable to 50 cm

Dynamic Materials Testing

Servo-hydraulic testing equipment:

Various load cells: 2 x 63 kN, 2 x 100 kN

Signal channels for force, displacement and strain control + 4 more (e.g. potential probe, temperature, etc.)


Special machine (E.R.I.K.A.):

Load cell 10 kN (static) or 8 kN (dynamic)

Parallel specimen guidance (tension/compression) for e.g. crack generation under pure compression/compression loading (to determine the threshold value without crack closure effects)

Controlled atmospheres with additional apparatus for defined humidities