Current Projects

In my research, I am focusing on tool creation and tool integration for (visual) domain-specific languages.

Diagram Editor Creation

We have a strong background in the development of many kinds of diagram editors. We mainly use the editor generation framework DiaMeta, but also have lots of experience with JavaFX-based and GEF-based solutions. We also have some experience with iOS-based editors. We usually follow a model-driven approach, and use technologies such as EMF and Xtext.

Layout Framework for Diagram Editors

Since several years, we are developing a layout framework, which is specifically designed for visual language editors. As a proof of concept, we included the layout framework into several DiaMeta-based, JavaFX-based and GEF-based editors.

Further details about the framework can be found here: [Layout Framework]


User Interaction in Diagram Editors

We have a special interest in the user interaction in diagram editors - not only in the "classical" desktop-setting, but also in settings that incorporate (multi-)touch-enabled devices, such as tablets or large interactive screens.

Collaborative Authoring of Diagrams

We are currently developing a framework that focuses on collaborative authoring of diagrams. We are specifically interested in two scenarios:

  • Multiple users using multiple devices
  • Multiple users using one multi-touch display

Information Visualization on Multi-Touch Displays

The Fishification-project, whose purpose it is to visualize activity streams, introduces an application that is designed to run on a large interactive screen in a community area. In order to keep the user interaction simple and to attract people that are passing by, the aquarium metaphor is used.



Past Projects

Visualization of Diagrams

We experimented with 2.5-dimensional diagram editors. Such editors combine the expressiveness of a 3-dimensional visualization and the simplicity of a 2-dimensional user interaction.


In some scenarios, multiple views of the same diagram are needed. In order to support such functionality, several challenges need to be tackled: synchronization of views, incremental update of diagrams (...). In the context of a case study, we implemented an editor that provides two views of the same diagram.

Changes in Diagrams

DiaMeta includes a powerful toolset for the definition of structured editing operations. Such a toolset can even be used to define game logic. As a proof of concept, we used the DiaMeta framework to define the games ludo, pacman and pingus.