Oberseminarvortrag (Michael Kissner): A Neural-Symbolic Framework for Mental Simulation

04. 02. 2020 | 13.00 Uhr - 14.00 Uhr

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am Dienstag dem 04.02.2020, hält Herr Michael Kissner, um 13:00 Uhr im Gebäude 37 / 200 Raum 0207 – Kaminzimmer den Oberseminarvortrag zu seinem Promotionsvorhaben.




A Neural-Symbolic Framework for Mental Simulation




We propose a neural-symbolic framework suitable for observing the environment and continuously learning the visual semantics and intuitive physics to be able to reproduce them in an interactive simulation. The framework comprises five parts, a neural-symbolic hybrid network based on capsules for inverse graphics, an episodic memory to store observations, an interaction network for intuitive physics, a meta-learning agent that continuously improves the framework and a querying engine that acts as the framework's interface for simulation. By means of lifelong meta-learning, the capsule network is expanded and trained continuously, adapting to new environments at each iteration. This allows it to learn new semantics using a few-shot approach and with minimal input from an oracle over its lifetime. From what it learned through observation, the intuitive physics infers all the required physical properties of the objects in a scene, enabling it to make predictions. Tying all this together, we introduce a custom query language with which various mental simulation tasks can be performed, such as navigation, sorting and simulating a game environment, with which we illustrate the potential of our novel approach.


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