Two contributions to IGA 2023

26 Juni 2023

The 11th International Conference on Isogeometric Analysis (IGA 2023) brought together researchers from all over the world in Lyon, France to present and discuss their recent research activities related to isogeometric analysis and all its applications. The IMCS participated with the following two contributions:

  • Eugenia Gabriela Loera Villeda presented her results on "Towards an Embedded Mesh Approach for Overlapping Isogeometric and Finite Element Meshes in Contact Mechanics" in the session "IGA for solids and structures".
  • Philipp Zilk presented his elaborations on "Isogeometric mesh grading for Laplace eigenvalue problems on circular sectors" in the session "Mathematics of IGA".

In addition to the lectures and subsequent discussions, the conference was a unique opportunity to meet other scientists from the field of isogeometric analysis and to exchange ideas.

We would like to thank the organizing team of the IGA 2023 for the very successful conference.