Top Teaching Trophy - MSE/TUM Teaching Prize for Prof. Alexander Popp

9 July 2018

At this year's "Day of the Munich School of Engineering (MSE)" at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Garching on Friday, July 6, Prof. Alexander Popp was awarded the "Top Teaching Trophy (t3)" by the students of the MSE student body for the best lecture in the B.Sc. program Engineering Science in the academic year 2017/18. The teaching prize, which is awarded annually at the graduate ceremony, is based on the evaluation results of the students, and Prof. Popp was honored this year for his lecture "Computational Solid Dynamics".

Since 2010, MSE with its B.Sc. course in Engineering Science has offered a very demanding and basic research-oriented course of study in which the fundamentals of engineering are taught independently of disciplines and across faculties - with a strong focus on mathematical methods. Even earlier than MSE, UniBw Munich has started offering a highly successful Mathematical Engineering course with a not unlike concept, in which Prof. Popp and the IMCS team will also be represented with several courses in the future.